Each year on November 10th, a ceremony is held at the Split Rock Lighthouse on the north shore of Lake Superior to commemorate the loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Normally, the light is not on during the year, however, a couple of times it gets turned on for special events.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Another Year Has Begun

2020 is behind us but, not all of the things we wish were in the past are. We are still living with many of the events that made the year do difficult to deal with and it seems we’ve a ways to go before we see better times. As we wait for the days to be more akin to what we have enjoyed in the past, I hope we can all find ways to continue creating and sharing the beauty of the world around us.

Nature will always inspires me to get out, seek the beauty and just spend time soaking in nature’s blessings. If outside is not an option, or I just want to try something different, I can find fun ways to play with light. I was presented with a set of lens balls for my birthday this year and have begun experimenting with them.

Opting Out Early

Ever since REI started the black Friday “Opt Outside” a number of years ago, I have participated each time. However, I made a scheduling error this year and had to opt out on Thanksgiving. Either way, I’m glad I could get outside, enjoy nature and capture a few photos along the way.

I have wanted to visit this iconic Lake Superior, north shore, location for some time and made it my first stop of the day. I was hoping for some clearing for the sunrise, but no luck. But, there was some good wave action and I chose to go with long exposure for the shot. I will return again to get the sunrise shot and also make a stop at the Devil Track river which is also on my bucket list for the north shore.

Hollow Rock near Grand Portage, MN.

A Return to Blogging

I’ve been missing from the blogasphere for awhile. I could blame it on many things but, I’ll just say, “That’s 2020!” I’m hoping to start making a return to my art, creating new images and sharing on my various media sites. I am hopeful that the remainder of this year and the new year provide more opportunities to get out and explore the world with my cameras. One fun thing that has changed in my tool bag for 2020 is I now have a drone. I invested in a DJI Mavic Air 2 this past summer and have been working at putting it to good use to capture images that I could not get being land based. Those images will be showing up in this blog starting now.

Sunrise over lake Superior,Canal Park, Duluth, MN

A Gallery of Images From the West

After a week on the road capturing images from the Oregon coast to Minnesota, I have created a gallery of photos on my website.  Rather than creating the same gallery on my blog, here is the link to the site:


Under the Gaze of Eagles


Across the Salmon River, north of Stanley, ID, and on the other side of the road, atop the power line, eagles had built an enormous nest and were tending to their young.