Lost At Sea




As I worked on this image I found myself almost getting a little seasick.  The churning, roiling water, the light and dark spaces, it brings up one of my greatest fears…drowning.

More of my work can be seen at Northern Visions Media.

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Being Busy

Juggling frequent trips to Minneapolis, a two hour drive, to help sort out my 94 year old mother’s health care needs has put a slight damper on my photography work lately.  However, thanks to the pressure of having to get three pieces ready for the upcoming Earth Day Art Crawl in Duluth, I kicked it into high gear and managed to not only get those ready, but also framed or matted several other pieces.  I also edited and sent out to the printer seven images, five of which will be on canvas.  Although I’m making another trip to Minneapolis this week, I will be looking forward to picking up the new pieces when I return.  For those who may be in the Duluth area in April, you can find info about the Art Crawl here.  I will be at the Art Dock in the DeWitt Seitz Marketplace on April 22nd for the reception, maybe see you there?