In A Place Stranger Than The Last


What seemed like a perfectly normal place is transformed by a shift of perspective and a twist of the camera.


Not Sure what’s up; or what’s Down?


A good reflection can go either way.

Processing the Unknown

While cleaning out my father’s effects after he passed away, I discovered a 36 exposure roll of Kodak 400 B&W film.  I have no idea how old it was, but figured I would load it into my Nikon FM and see what happened.  All shots were taken in the downtown Minneapolis area.  I had the film developed, scanned the negatives at various resolutions and did some tweaking in Lightroom.  I did some spot removal, but mostly left them as is and cropped them to 8X10 as I prefer to print at 16X20.  Most of the images were pretty dark, not sure if that’s because of the age of the film or other factors.  They are also grainy, again, not sure if that is the age of the film.  In some ways, I like the effect, as it lends a dated feel to the images.  I don’t know that I will print any of them, but I do have a few favorites and am doing an exhibit of B&W work next month.  I may re-scan the favorites at a higher resolution to make them more printable.

A Higher Flow


Laying back on the ledge rock along the shore, I find myself mesmerized by the ever changing flow in the sky.  As the evening progressed, so did the shapes and patterns of the clouds.

The Touch


Once again it’s seeing something as simple as a branch meeting the water, to be present in the moment to appreciate the touch of real and reflection.



Nature casually creates lovely and simple patterns, it’s up to us to slow down and see what is being created.