Frosty Wonderland

This past week week we had a few foggy days with cooler temps which usually creates a frosted wonderland. Although I did not have the chance to really take advantage of the phenomenon, I did capture a few images and went out a couple of days later to try macro photography on what was left of the frost.

Another Year Has Begun

2020 is behind us but, not all of the things we wish were in the past are. We are still living with many of the events that made the year do difficult to deal with and it seems we’ve a ways to go before we see better times. As we wait for the days to be more akin to what we have enjoyed in the past, I hope we can all find ways to continue creating and sharing the beauty of the world around us.

Nature will always inspires me to get out, seek the beauty and just spend time soaking in nature’s blessings. If outside is not an option, or I just want to try something different, I can find fun ways to play with light. I was presented with a set of lens balls for my birthday this year and have begun experimenting with them.