In to the Unknown

I discovered a number of older 35mm film cameras that were part of my father’s estate. They are the point and shoot variety and I have decided to give each of them a try. First up is a Canon SURE SHOT with auto focus, 38mm 1:2.8 lens and has built-in flash. My method for keeping track of the images is to take an image with my phone each time I capture an image. This will give me both a visual reference and a geographical reference.

When I finish the roll, I plan to try my own developing using CineStill DF 96. I will then digitize the images by shooting the negatives with my DSLR. I would love to take the images into a wet lab, but don’t have one readily available.

Instant gratification not included!

Frozen Bubble

My third shot on my recent outing was of a frozen bubble. This was the most difficult image and I still need to perfect the process. Wind played a role in shortening the life of my bubbles and trying to get an image before they popped was not easy. Of the attempts, this was the best and I’m not overly excited by it, but I will continue to try.


This image uses a bit of forced perspective. To get the image I was lying on the ice and doing my best to line up the rising sun with the pieces of ice. The slabs were thin enough to glow as the sun back lit them. Fire and ice.

This was also a five shot bracket using my Canon 5D Mk4, Tamron SP 28-75mm f/2.8, ISO 50, 75mm, f/10

Yes, it’s cold!

The temperature was around -20 when I arrived at the shore of Lake Superior this morning. Many had already headed out on to the ice to set up portable shelters for fishing. Besides myself, several photographers were waiting for the sun to break the horizon. This was the first morning of our extended cold spell that I have ventured out to do some photography. We have been mostly below zero for over a week and I have not felt inclined to endure the weather if I did not have to. However, knowing that the weather was going to be warming in a few days, I layered on the winter wear and braved the cold.

I have three shots in mind for the morning. The first was to use my lens ball, the second was an ice composition and third, a frozen bubble. The lens ball image is today’s featured image. I felt safe inverting the image due to the blurred background and I like how the ball appears to be hanging from the snow. In case you noticed the black shapes to the right of the sun, those are fishing shelters.

This is a five shot bracket from a Canon 5D Mk4, Tamron SP 28-75mm, ISO 50, 75mm, f/10, 1/1– sec.

Frosty Wonderland

This past week week we had a few foggy days with cooler temps which usually creates a frosted wonderland. Although I did not have the chance to really take advantage of the phenomenon, I did capture a few images and went out a couple of days later to try macro photography on what was left of the frost.

Another Year Has Begun

2020 is behind us but, not all of the things we wish were in the past are. We are still living with many of the events that made the year do difficult to deal with and it seems we’ve a ways to go before we see better times. As we wait for the days to be more akin to what we have enjoyed in the past, I hope we can all find ways to continue creating and sharing the beauty of the world around us.

Nature will always inspires me to get out, seek the beauty and just spend time soaking in nature’s blessings. If outside is not an option, or I just want to try something different, I can find fun ways to play with light. I was presented with a set of lens balls for my birthday this year and have begun experimenting with them.

Opting Out Early

Ever since REI started the black Friday “Opt Outside” a number of years ago, I have participated each time. However, I made a scheduling error this year and had to opt out on Thanksgiving. Either way, I’m glad I could get outside, enjoy nature and capture a few photos along the way.

I have wanted to visit this iconic Lake Superior, north shore, location for some time and made it my first stop of the day. I was hoping for some clearing for the sunrise, but no luck. But, there was some good wave action and I chose to go with long exposure for the shot. I will return again to get the sunrise shot and also make a stop at the Devil Track river which is also on my bucket list for the north shore.

Hollow Rock near Grand Portage, MN.

Into the Chasm

I wanted to capture the view from the chasm in the rocks but, to do so would require me to go in the frigid waters of Lake Superior. My solution: use my drone to get down and shoot from about three feet above the water. The water makes for a nice leading line to the colorful sky.

Morning by the Lake


Sometimes you have to make a run for the lake when you think there might be a good sunrise. Today was pretty good.