It Was A Strange Afternoon


Dreams under an autumn sky, shaded sunlight filtering through the nearly bare trees, I meditated on the shimmering surface and got lost in the magic of the moment.


Setting My Sights


While enjoying another artist’s work, I couldn’t help but notice the alignment of the two structures.

Evidence of Winter Winds #1

Our northern winters can be downright brutal at times.  But that doesn’t mean that all beauty has left us, nature always finds a way to offer up art to the masses.


Playing With Magic

Magic often surprises us with the unexpected.  In this case, a simple press of a key while working with an image, magically turned an interesting photo in to a something entirely different.  When I saw the result, I was blown away and had to stop what I was doing, sit back and ponder the possibilities of this discovery.  It’s a combination of capturing nature and blending it with technology.  I’m sure you’ll see the results of this work in the future as I perfect the process.