Feeling Blue


It’s feels good to be posting new work, I’ve been hampered by tech issues lately.  My primary computer, a seven year old MacBook Pro is making my life difficult and I am having to resort to my even older, eleven year old Mac Pro.  The good news is, after I receive two more components, I can start assembling a new PC.  I’m building a system that will not only provide more than enough power for photo editing, but also be able to chew through 4K video like a hot knife through butter.

Why is the bridge blue? Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge and Enger Tower will be lit teal throughout the weekend to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. It’s all part of the Light Duluth Teal weekend put on by the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance.


Setting My Sights


While enjoying another artist’s work, I couldn’t help but notice the alignment of the two structures.

The Lowry Ave Bridge, Introduction


I don’t typically do my posts as a series, but I will break with tradition in this instance.  I’ve had my eye on this bridge for a couple of years and finally made time to pay it a visit.
The Lowry Ave Bridge crosses the Mississippi River north of downtown Minneapolis, and with it’s more contemporary style, is a departure from many of the older stone and metal bridges that span the river in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  For more history on this bridge:

The Lowry Avenue Bridge is history

Former Lowry Avenue Mississippi River Crossing

I feel that each perspective deserves separate attention and comments.  I will be presenting both color and b/w versions of most of the images, you can decide which you prefer.


On September 16th and 17th, the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth was lit in blue for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.  The full moon also got in to the act, rising up over Lake Superior and adding it’s warm glow to the surface of the lake.  And, for good measure, you have to have a ship coming under the bridge.


Foxx Rocks


This gallery contains 12 photos.

During our hikes on the trails above our home in Duluth, my wife and I have been aware of a large rock outcropping that looked appealing and in need of exploration.  This past Sunday the weather was perfect and so … Continue reading

Maggie Daley Park

Today’s adventure:
Maggie Daley Park
337 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601

After a fantastic Saturday afternoon at the library, we returned to downtown Chicago on Sunday to visit Maggie Daley Park.  For more information about the park, visit here.  The last time I wandered around downtown Chicago, I did not know about this park and probably wouldn’t have stopped there anyway, as I had no children with me.  But, with grandchildren in tow, off we went again via the Metra to downtown and then the long walk to the park.  Our route took us past the Millennium Gate, also known as the “big bean”, a sculpture that always draws a big crowd.  Once past the gate, we took the BP Bridge over the traffic to the play park.  For those who have not been to Chicago, the parks along the lake are all worth a visit. There are wonderful scenic views of Lake Michigan, the Chicago skyline and sculptured architecture everywhere. Bring your camera!
Upon arriving at the park, the kids went crazy, this is one of the most amazing play parks I have ever seen.  There are soft rubber trails, areas that are age specific and wonderfully creative play spaces.  There’s everything from slides to an enchanted forest.  There are water features, towers, boats, bridges and picnic tables.  All this is sandwiched between views of the lake and downtown.  Pick a nice day, bundle up the kids or grandkids, and go experience this wonderful play area in downtown Chicago.

Watery Whimsy

I’m not in the habit of standing on my head to take photos, but I’m not afraid to turn photos upside down for the fun of it.  Reflections are always good for this kind of fun, and you just never know what the end result will be.