Wet Rocks on a Cold Day


During a snowy, wet spring day, I took a short hike at Jay Cooke State Park to check the water level on the St. Louis River. The river still has a bit of ice around the edges but, the main channel is open and flowing. As I climbed around the rocks, I discovered this bit of color.

An Exercise in Framing


I couldn’t resist how nicely the tree in the center was framed by the branches above and the ice covered shrubs below. Add a moody sky and light shining on the water and, in my eye, a wonderful composition.

Managing a Thorny Situation


Nothing is safe when the waves come crashing off Lake Superior. If it’s in the “spray zone” it’s going to be coated in ice.

Frosty Wonderland

This past week week we had a few foggy days with cooler temps which usually creates a frosted wonderland. Although I did not have the chance to really take advantage of the phenomenon, I did capture a few images and went out a couple of days later to try macro photography on what was left of the frost.

Under the Gaze of Eagles


Across the Salmon River, north of Stanley, ID, and on the other side of the road, atop the power line, eagles had built an enormous nest and were tending to their young.