South Pier in Four Parts, Pt. 1

Structure, steel framework carving out a slice of the sky.



Pt. 5, Parting shot


Nice clean lines, an almost cathedral like effect.  Lines drawing the eye up and over.  I came, I saw, I crossed.  I am satisfied with the journey.

Retrospective: By A River

I went through a period of fascination with the whorls and swirls of river foam.  I managed to collect a large collection of images from different bodies of moving water.  Although I haven’t captured any photos recently, whenever I see the patterns on a river or stream, I always take time to enjoy the creation of this unique natural art form.  As is usually the case in nature, the patterns may, for awhile, seem to remain the same, they are in constant motion, evolving as the movement of the water keeps them swirling about.  This particular image makes me wonder if Vincent Van Gogh would have found inspiration in the patterns, perhaps creating a variation of “The Starry Night” with water.


Retrospective: “A Disturbing Pattern”

A visit to the veteran’s cemetery at Ft. Snelling in August, 2008, which is in Bloomington, MN, inspired this manipulation.  I was attracted to the pattern and and at the same time, depressed by the seemingly endless rows of headstones.  As I studied the image later, it occurred to me that flipping the image and stacking it with the original gave a better impression of the number of graves that would otherwise be difficult to show with a single image.  I appreciate how the image gives the impression the rows of headstones seem to go to on into infinity.


Canon EOS D60, ISO 200, 28mm, f/9.5, 1/180 sec, Manipulated in Adobe Photoshop

Observations of Yellow


A number of fellow bloggers I follow have a knack of spotting color patterns, which inspired me when I noticed this gentleman taking notes at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Watery Whimsy

I’m not in the habit of standing on my head to take photos, but I’m not afraid to turn photos upside down for the fun of it.  Reflections are always good for this kind of fun, and you just never know what the end result will be.


Ordinary Things

Seeing beyond seeing, it’s my mantra, it’s how my vision is tuned to work as I move through the day.  It is not only about seeing, but also thinking outside the box, being open to discovery.  In this case, something as ordinary as car wash becomes an opportunity for a new vision of abstractions.  The combination of water, soap and whirling, slapping brushes creates constantly changing patterns on the windshield waiting to be photographed.  All photos were taken with an iPhone 5S, editing was done directly in the iOS Photo app or with the Faded app.