My Most Recent Exhibit

During the month of June, I was honored with the opportunity to exhibit the above canvas prints at the Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth, MN. I enjoyed interacting with those who were curious about the project and explaining the process. All images are a manipulation of photos taken of rock surfaces at Jay Cooke State Park.

The prints are 22×27 inches and are for sale: $250 each.

An Early Morning


Walking out on the north pier to watch the sun rise over Lake Superior and the light on these rocks caught my eye. I wonder how many guests in the row of hotels were awake to see this morning’s offering?

Painting Rocks, Part 2, No. 2


I’ve been developing a style for these images, bringing out the blues and oranges. All the other flecks of color are a bonus.

Painting Rocks, Part 2, No. 1


I returned to the location where I captured the images for my first set of manipulated rock art and found a number of possible candidates to work with.

Number Three of a Set


The last, (for now) manipulation of a slab of rock. All three images in this set were captured with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and were fiddled with in Photoshop.

Painting Rocks


Another slab of rock with muted color that lent itself to being enhanced in Photoshop and then became something more.

Wet Rocks on a Cold Day


During a snowy, wet spring day, I took a short hike at Jay Cooke State Park to check the water level on the St. Louis River. The river still has a bit of ice around the edges but, the main channel is open and flowing. As I climbed around the rocks, I discovered this bit of color.

On the Rocks


After a long absence from my blog, I am finally getting back out to create some new images. I will make no excuses for my absence, it’s just how life has been of late. After all, I sure life has been a bit strange for all of us.

I find this image to be a bit of a jumble, not quite sure where to enter the image, The large rocks at the bottom are one option, the bright white is another, you may find your own way in.