My Most Recent Exhibit

During the month of June, I was honored with the opportunity to exhibit the above canvas prints at the Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth, MN. I enjoyed interacting with those who were curious about the project and explaining the process. All images are a manipulation of photos taken of rock surfaces at Jay Cooke State Park.

The prints are 22×27 inches and are for sale: $250 each.

Painting Rocks, Part 3, No. 3


I don’t know about you but, I tend to get lost in these images. My imagination runs wild with possibilities of what my eyes are trying to relay to my brain. Have fun!

Painting Rocks, Part 3, No. 2


As I have worked on these images, I’ve tried to come up with titles for each. So far, titles elude me and I think that’s OK. For some of my images, I feel adding a title forces my perception of what has been created on to the viewer, I don’t feel that is the right thing to do. So, with that in mind, feel free to be creative with your own title if you wish.

Painting Rocks, Part 3, No. 1


I continue to be lost in creating these images for the moment. It’s possible they may become part of an exhibit of my work in June. In fact, it may be the entire exhibit!

This have also been an exercise in attempting to have a blog post every day for a 30 days. It looks like I will succeed. It will be fun designing the next project that I can attempt for another 30 day run.

Painting Rocks, Part 2, No. 2


I’ve been developing a style for these images, bringing out the blues and oranges. All the other flecks of color are a bonus.

Painting Rocks, Part 2, No. 1


I returned to the location where I captured the images for my first set of manipulated rock art and found a number of possible candidates to work with.