Inverting an image can sometimes present a fresh perspective on a subject.  In this instance, the sky ends up appearing to be in the right place, but the tree seems “awkward” as though it were shot from an unusual position.


Is It Unusual?

Or just the usual viewed differently?


Nature does art on the river.

Pt. 4, Breaking Rules

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When I started working with this image, I almost passed it by.  But, something about it kept calling me back.  I realized that it breaks some of the traditional rules I’ve learned in photography.  It’s heavily weighted to one side, making it awkward and out of balance.  It sort of follows the rules of thirds, maybe.  But the texture of the concrete is intriguing and adds its own value to the composition.  Compared to the metal support moving to the right, the concrete actually appears soft.  The metal erupting out of the concrete is well defined and rigid, and giving a sense of launching into space.  But, that’s just my interpretation, you may see it very differently.

More of my images can be seen at Northern Visions Media.

Playing With Magic

Magic often surprises us with the unexpected.  In this case, a simple press of a key while working with an image, magically turned an interesting photo in to a something entirely different.  When I saw the result, I was blown away and had to stop what I was doing, sit back and ponder the possibilities of this discovery.  It’s a combination of capturing nature and blending it with technology.  I’m sure you’ll see the results of this work in the future as I perfect the process.