Insect interacts with flower, photographer interacts with insect, both interacting with and part of nature.


Road Trip, Old School Style

On my last trip from Duluth to Minneapolis, I needed to make a stop in Rice Lake, Wis. to photograph a vacation home, which made my usual 2 1/2 hour drive about twice as long, plus the time to do the shoot.  What made the trip unusual was that I was returning my late father’s car to my mother’s house.  I had to borrow it when my car needed work and I had to go to Duluth.  The car in question is a 1992 Buick Roadmaster station wagon, a vehicle that I consider to be the original minivan because of the third seat facing the back.  It will seat at least eight, maybe nine, not sure if there are three seat belts in the third seat.  The car is showing its age, the body is missing some of its trim, has a bit of rust, the A/C doesn’t work, brakes need work and the turn signals don’t work, but other than that, it rides smooth.  It amazes me how many people, when they see the car, have stories about having one of these in their family when growing up.
Cruising down the highway in northern Wisconsin, then over to the St. Croix river valley before hooking up with the freeway on my way to the western side of the of the metro area, I fully enjoyed how the car floats down the road.  If money were no object, there is a part of me that would like to restore the car and take it on a cross-country trip.  Although, that big 350 V8 would cost me a bit of gas.
As far as the journey itself, I made a short stop at a roadside rest area along the St. Croix River just north of Stillwater, MN and snapped off a few shots of the wild flowers, the river and, of course, the Roadmaster.

A Day of Gratitude

Today I am spending time thinking of those things I am grateful for, the list is long and only a few will be posted here.  Life has, for the most part, been good to me.  It has been enriched by good people, nature, animals, wonderful experiences, the opportunity to travel and family.  As I travel north from the hills covered with redwoods outside of Watsonville California to Fremont to celebrate Thanksgiving with family, I will be keenly aware of the blessings that allowed me to be here at this time and will be in a state of gratitude today and always for those blessings.

Happy day of gratitude to all and thanks to all who share my photo journey through blogging.

Late September Observations

Sept. 26, Amity Creek, Duluth, MN

Amity Creek flows toward Lake Superior in Duluth and prior to flowing into the lake, it merges with the Lester River under the bridge where Superior Street crosses the river.  The road that meanders along the creek is called Seven Bridges Road, which is appropriate as it contains seven narrow bridges and is a beautiful drive any time of year.  Both rivers offer wonderful opportunities for photographers willing to hike the trails and banks of each stream.  Each encounter will be different depending on season and water level.  On this occasion, the water level was low, fall colors were showing and there were a few small details to be seen.

At this time of year, any river flowing through wooded areas of changing color will provide multiple opportunities to find color in many forms.  Late flowering plants, trees changing color, fallen leaves on the ground and floating in the water.  I hope you find time to immerse yourself in the colors.