A brief moment by the lake before the cool breeze pushed back, then the moment was gone.  But, for that moment, an opportunity to commune with the Great Lake, to listen to the song of the waves, to be touched by the fingers of wind as they move through her hair.  How many more of these moments exist for her, for any of us?


Life and Death


Hospitals…a place to find healing and where healing is no longer possible.  Entering a hospital can be a positive experience, especially when going in for a treatment that will improve one’s quality of life.  But it also can be where a patient can discover that healing is not possible, that our time on this planet is drawing to a close, that it’s time to put affairs in order and prepare goodbyes.

Two years ago I made this journey with my father.  Years of fighting a battle that could not be won, finally a few months in hospice before moving on to the next big adventure.  Now, two years later, I prepare to walk this journey with my mother.  A trip to the hospital, tests run, diagnosis determined, hospice prescribed.  She will spend her last days?, weeks? or months? on the shore of Lake Superior.  She may see the lake once or twice, or not at all.  It all depends on her energy level.  But at least she is nearby rather than two hours away.  She is minutes away from my home, near the lake that means so much to my wife and me.  The winds that blow down the lake carries its spirit over the sand dunes and through the health center, bathing her in the peace of Gitchi Gummi.  After ninety-four years, she can rest as the power of the lake carries her, guides her and comforts her on her next grand adventure.  As her last breath sighs forth from her frail body, the wind off the lake will carry that breath onward, taking it to places we can only imagine until each of us breathes our last and joins all the other breaths dancing and swirling in the wind.

Up Next…Sports!

Life takes some interesting turns, which keeps it from getting boring, but also steers down roads you weren’t expecting.  After receiving word that my father was being admitted to the hospital, and then was being sent to hospice, my regularly scheduled life was interrupted and I have been challenged to see the world from a different perspective.  My life in Duluth is somewhat on hold as I now am spending most weeks at my parents home in Minneapolis.  There has been a reversal, instead of living at home and visiting my parents, I live at my parents and visit home.  I travel the 175 miles between the two witnessing sunrises and sunsets.
However, as long as I was going to be spending so much time in the metro area, I looked around for some photo work to distract me from my other tasks and am now shooting high school sports most days during the week through the end of May for Varsity Views.  I’ve shot many soccer games during the Schwann’s USA Cup in Blaine for the last five years, so covering other sports is not much of a shift, the concept is pretty much the same.  Most of the games I’ve covered have been in the western suburbs such as Edina, Hopkins, Minnetonka and Wayzata.  I will be adding links to the games I’ve shot to my business website in the near future.  In the meantime, I’ve attached a few of the images from some of the events.