Creating Life?

Not really.  However, I did have a brief Dr. Frankenstien moment when I turned on the computer I’ve been working on and the bios screen appeared.  “It’s Alive!”
Having not built anything on this scale for many years, I was both excited and tentative as I started the build.  I took my time, wanting to get it right and not have some terrible crash happen due to an error on my part.  Not that it went perfectly smooth, I did have a small panic attack when I started it up and nothing appeared on the monitor.  I spotted a couple of LEDs glowing in the debug section, noted that they indicated a CPU failure.  After a bit of research, I discovered that I had not connected the power to the CPU.  It ain’t alive without a heartbeat.  Got that sorted out and tried again…success!

I’m thankful for those who supported me, gave advice and arranged for my Intel I 9 CPU.  I owe a lot to YouTube for all the videos I watched, thanks to all those who posted videos that helped me sort out many of the details.

For those who love the technical details, here’s the list of components: Intel I9 CPU 3.3Ghz 10 Cores, MSI X299 Tomahawk Motherboard, MSI GTX 1070 GPU, EVGA Supernova 750 Power Supply, Corsair H100i Liquid GPU Cooler (on which I replaced the stock fans with the thin LED version seen in the photos), Samsung 512GB SSD, Crucial 1TB SSD, Ballistix 32GB DDR 2400 RAM, 2X 4TB HDs, 1X 2TB HD, Panasonic BR Burner and it’s all housed in a Corsair 750D Case.  If I ever feel the need, it’s got plenty of room for expansion.  My monitor is a 28″ 4K Samsung UH 750.  I’ve installed Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365 and a full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud Apps.

A Tough Lesson


Late last week my laptop hard drive failed.  Normally this would not be an horrible event as I am very good about regular backups.  However, I had been rearranging my portable drives and had deleted my older TimeMachine backups fully expecting to create a new one as part of the process.  For whatever reason, I did not do that before the drive failed.  Fortunately I had backups on another drive, but the most recent was from November, 2014.  I have spent the last couple of days and will spend the next couple of days, rebuilding my laptop from the foundation of that backup.  I’m glad I keep so much of my important media on external drives, it means that I will be able to get back to about 90% of where I was before the crash.  But, there are files that I lost and will never see again.

As if most of you know, backups are vital to prevent catastrophes such as mine.  I hope this post will serve as a reminder to others, BACKUP OFTEN!