Painting Rocks, Part 3, No. 1


I continue to be lost in creating these images for the moment. It’s possible they may become part of an exhibit of my work in June. In fact, it may be the entire exhibit!

This have also been an exercise in attempting to have a blog post every day for a 30 days. It looks like I will succeed. It will be fun designing the next project that I can attempt for another 30 day run.

Number Three of a Set


The last, (for now) manipulation of a slab of rock. All three images in this set were captured with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and were fiddled with in Photoshop.

Frosty Art


I decided to experiment with a couple of my frost images, first layering the two images, then masking out part of the background and finally adding color to parts of the image.  I may do more work with this technique in the future.