Time On The Water and The first Day of Summer

During a recent trip home to Duluth, my wife and I were invited to spend time at our friends lake home.  It was a nice respite from all the business of my current life and an opportunity to capture a few images from around the lake.  I couldn’t help zeroing in on two homes that each had a collection of colorful lawn chairs set by the water’s edge, and I especially like the reflections of the second set.  The lake grass was also attractive.  The motion of the water moving the grass in various directions created fascinating patterns in the water.  Finally, sky and reflective water combine to create a mirror effect.  This was how I spent the first day of summer.


Everything Is Frozen

As many know, much of the U.S is in the grips of some very nasty weather, including extremely cold temperatures.  It seems as though the world is freezing solid.  Even when looking down from lofty heights, the world looks cold and forsaken, as though the clouds are merely wisps of ice floating through the heavens.

Wispy Illusions

Wispy Illusions

Is the cold confusing the senses? Is the world truly frozen?  Or, if we look closer, will we discover that it is the water world that is frozen, and the clouds are wisps of snow blowing across the ice.