Back On Ice


The other day I set out looking for something to photograph on a cloudy day. My travels took me to Two Harbors in Minnesota, where I found a couple of geese that appeared to be walking on water. As it turns out, there was a thin layer of water on top of the ice which also created a nice mirror effect.

Two Trees


Over there, off to one side, another tree.  Two trees, each watching the other, keeping the other company.  One obviously older, having seen more, able to share with the other knowledge of the past.  They both watch, as the man on the side of the road takes pictures before vanishing down the October Road.

Two Shot Stop


A closer view of the reflections in the water.  I find it myself mesmerized as I fall into the patterns.  Just another wonderful stop on the October Road.

Mirrored Magic


Perfect blue sky, perfect still water, create a mirror that reflects the autumn colors in a small lake along the October Road.