A brief moment by the lake before the cool breeze pushed back, then the moment was gone.  But, for that moment, an opportunity to commune with the Great Lake, to listen to the song of the waves, to be touched by the fingers of wind as they move through her hair.  How many more of these moments exist for her, for any of us?


A Light In The Darkness


On this day, after the culmination of an election that has exposed the deep divisions that exist in the United States of America, I, like so many others am choosing not to be swallowed by the hateful and divisive rhetoric that has defined this conversation.  Instead, I, like so many others, am choosing to rise above the anger and hate, am choosing to open my eyes fully, open my heart fully and prepare myself for the task ahead.  I am so proud of all the social media posts by those who are proclaiming their choice to stand in the breach and defend those who will be persecuted  as a result of this election.  I am proud of those who have committed themselves to being a light in the darkness, for darkness cannot exist where there is light. Like them, I commit to being one of the lights.  I commit to standing with, between, beside or in the midst of those who will most need our help going forward.  We stand on the precipice of strange times, but if we choose to light the way, we can avoid the falling off the precipice into darkness.  Instead, let us choose love over anger, building over destruction, unity over division.    We have our work cut out for us, but we are capable, we are strong, we have compassion, and we have the strongest tool in the kit to work with, LOVE.

Trying times indeed…

Below is part of what Dan Rather wrote in response to last night’s outcome:

“The world is on edge. The country is deeply divided. The markets have gone off a cliff. World capitals are erupting in anxiety. Huge segments of the American public are in panic – going through the shock of grief. This is the world that is now Trump’s to contend with. Do we really know what we have wrought?
This is a conversation that I need you to be a part of. Do not opt out. Your voice matters now more than ever. I will continue to be here in the days and weeks ahead. And we shall endeavor, together, to find a path forward in the best of America’s ideals.  Courage.”

Shine on my friends!

On The Waterfront


Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS, ISO 100, 15.24mm, f/5.0, 1/250 sec.

Reflections On An Autumn Day

It was much too nice to be working indoors today, so it was decided that a hike was in order.  The place…Keene Creek along Skyline Parkway in West Duluth.  The day, beautiful, deep blue skies with temps in the 50s.  The trees were still putting on a show and the sound of running and falling water provided the soundtrack to the visuals.  Blue skies, moving water and fall color.  Time well spent in the outdoors.

Still Here


Good morning bloggers, hope your day is off to great start.
As I sit here on my front porch enjoying a beautiful Duluth morning, taking note of the changing colors, the mums getting ready to explode in a riot of blossoms and, most importantly, drinking my coffee, that I send blessings to you all.