Like A Mirror

It was one of those rare nights when the harbor was perfectly calm allowing for near perfect reflections of the Aerial Lift Bridge. The only camera I had with me was my iPhone 7 Plus so quality is not as good as I would prefer. I did however use the ProCam app which allowed me to shoot RAW with the hope of salvaging a decent final image. Editing was done on my iPad with Adobe Lightroom CC.




On September 16th and 17th, the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth was lit in blue for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.  The full moon also got in to the act, rising up over Lake Superior and adding it’s warm glow to the surface of the lake.  And, for good measure, you have to have a ship coming under the bridge.


Strange Lights in the Night Sky

On a recent night when I expected to see the aurora lighting up the skies over Duluth, I got a surprise.  Rather than seeing the northern lights, I captured this unique image, for which I have no explanation.  I took many shots that night, but only this one has what appears to be lights in the sky over the Blatnik Bridge and the harbor.  Other than cropping the image, doing a bit of sharpening and noise reduction, I’ve done no other editing.




Night time observation as I drove through Red Wing, MN.  (iPhone 5S, tweaked in LR CC)

Circus, Amusement Park or Sports Stadium?

As the new Minnesota Vikings Football stadium rises on the site of the former HHH Metrodome, I found myself wanting to photograph the collection of geometric shapes created by the framework and construction cranes.  At the same time, I couldn’t help thinking of the over one billion dollars this place is costing, $498 million of it being public money.  The Metrodome was just fine, perhaps a bit noisy when the crowd went wild, but otherwise quite serviceable.  Now the owners and the city are spending this incredible sum of money for a new stadium at a time when $498 million could be put to much better use in the community and state.  Perhaps if it were possible to reconsider the non-profit status of the NFL, that $498 million could have come from taxes collected from the league rather than the tax payers of Minnesota.
In post production, I purposely pushed the HDR colors of these images as a form of commentary…suggesting that this is a circus, and amusement park and a stadium, all rolled into one.