Autumn Trickle


A dry summer has kept most local streams to just a trickle. But, with a background such as this, the trickle is a minor part of the composition.

Gathering Together


At the base of small waterfall is a pond which serves as a collection place for the leaves as they fall from the trees. Should we get more rain than we’ve been getting, the leaves will be flushed from this pond and make their way to Lake Superior.

Winter Storm

Northern Minnesota enjoyed a mid March winter storm yesterday, most of which missed urban Duluth.  It was one of those wet, spring style snows that clings to everything, dressing up the landscape in monochrome wonder.


Canon 5D Mk ll, Tamron 10-24mm, ISO 50, 13mm, f/ 13, 1/4 sec.
Processed via Lightroom CC 2015 & Silver Efex Pro 2