A Tough Lesson


Late last week my laptop hard drive failed.  Normally this would not be an horrible event as I am very good about regular backups.  However, I had been rearranging my portable drives and had deleted my older TimeMachine backups fully expecting to create a new one as part of the process.  For whatever reason, I did not do that before the drive failed.  Fortunately I had backups on another drive, but the most recent was from November, 2014.  I have spent the last couple of days and will spend the next couple of days, rebuilding my laptop from the foundation of that backup.  I’m glad I keep so much of my important media on external drives, it means that I will be able to get back to about 90% of where I was before the crash.  But, there are files that I lost and will never see again.

As if most of you know, backups are vital to prevent catastrophes such as mine.  I hope this post will serve as a reminder to others, BACKUP OFTEN!