I Took a Trip


It’s out there somewhere.


Awash in Autumn Splender


Sometimes it’s fun to muck about in Photoshop!

The 2016 Minnesota State Fair, Pt. 4

An Experience In Four Parts.

Part Four: The Midway

Welcome to the fourth and final, vertigo inducing, state fair post.  The highlight of any visit to the fair is nighttime in the midway with its rides and games.  It’s a place of bright colors, excessive motion and a cacophony of sounds.  On the night I was there, the artificial lights were supplemented by an impending thunderstorm approaching from the north, lighting the sky with frequent lightning displays.  That was my cue to call it a night and try to make it back to my car, parked about a half mile away.  Happy to say, I made without getting wet.


The 2016 Minnesota State Fair, Pt. 3

An Experience In Four Parts.

Part Three: Kiddie Land, amusement rides for the kids.

A place to bring your children after they have eaten some of the more exotic fair foods. Once they’ve had their fill, put them on a rapidly spinning ride…what could go wrong?

The 2016 Minnesota State Fair, Pt. 2

An Experience In Four Parts.

Part Two: Food and Beverage

The are over 300 food and beverage options at the fair, you can search the possibilities here.  And every year new items are added to the list, check the 2016 list.  There’s everything from a pork chop on a stick to beer on a stick, and everything in between.