The 2016 Minnesota State Fair, Pt. 3

An Experience In Four Parts.

Part Three: Kiddie Land, amusement rides for the kids.

A place to bring your children after they have eaten some of the more exotic fair foods. Once they’ve had their fill, put them on a rapidly spinning ride…what could go wrong?

The 2016 Minnesota State Fair, Pt. 2

An Experience In Four Parts.

Part Two: Food and Beverage

The are over 300 food and beverage options at the fair, you can search the possibilities here.  And every year new items are added to the list, check the 2016 list.  There’s everything from a pork chop on a stick to beer on a stick, and everything in between.


Last year was not a good year for the blueberry patch near our home in Duluth and we are hoping this year will be better.  Now that spring is in full swing, we took a hike to the patch to have a look and see if the plants were in bloom yet.  We were happy to see that the patch is doing quite well compared to last year and we are excited about the potential yield for this year’s picking.  Every little white blossom you see wants to grow up to be a delicious blueberry.