Beyond the Bog


There, beyond the crystal-like barrier, lies another reality.  A place of pine forests and broad leaf trees.  A place where one can walk on solid ground without fear of slipping silently in to the dark water.  Make it to the trees, there lies safety along the October Road.

Frosty Reminder

I’ve been revisiting my past photography lately in preparation of becoming a full time contributor to Monochromia beginning next year.  This has kept me busy and has caused me to neglect my blog in the process.  It’s also the time of transition in northern Minnesota.  Nature is trying to decide whether we are in winter or still keeping a toehold in fall.  This state of confusion makes it somewhat difficult for me to figure out what I want to shoot at the moment.  So, instead of worrying about that, I’ll just share a few of the images from my past projects while I compile images for Monochromia.


Window Frost
Canon 7D, ISO 100, 60mm, f/6.3, 1/160 sec.

Can I Blame Climate Change?

I had hoped to post my follow-up to Lessons Learned yesterday, but as often happens, life had other plans for me.  Not that the outcome would have been any different, yesterday and today were warmer than the day I shot the original images, which meant that the frost did not form in quite the same way.  However, the weekend promises to be much colder so I may get a second chance to reshoot the frost.

Lessons Learned

In Minnesota we are blanketed by very cold weather at the moment, which does not inspire me to run around outdoors with a camera.  As an individual who chooses to live in such a climate, I have learned to embrace the winter weather, but even I, and my camera, have limits.  However, as luck would have it, opportunity came knocking at the window which allowed me to shoot a winter phenomenon without going outdoors.  I only had a short amount of time before leaving for a sports shoot so I didn’t get my tripod out, that cost me a few shots that may have been much better.  On the upside, the window isn’t going anywhere, the frost will be back and I have a day off from sports.  Knowing I had the next day available should have caused me to delay shooting, but I couldn’t resist.  Today’s images are all handheld, depth of field is acceptable, but focus falls off around the edges too much for my taste.  I do like how the light source affects the images for the last three. Being able to reshoot with a tripod should make a difference and I will post those images tomorrow.