Frozen Flashback


One of my images from 2015 when Lake Superior froze and provided the locals with a unique photo opportunity.


Wrestling: In Monochrome

Yesterday’s post highlighted the color images from the wrestling match I covered.  Today I want to present others from the album in monochrome.  The bright, direct light seemed a natural for converting the images and I think the result better conveys the drama of the matches.

Wrestling Theater

Over the past year, in my work for Varsity Views, I have covered many high school sports; baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, hockey and track.  Last night was my first opportunity to cover a wrestling match.  For the most part, it’s a fairly easy sport to cover.  Everything happens in a very confined space instead of lots of running around.  The junior varsity match was held under normal lighting conditions for the gym, which is fluorescent lights.  Not my favorite lighting, but it can be compensated for.  However, the varsity match was very different.  All the gym lights were turned off and the wrestling mat was lit with spotlights focused on the center of the mat.  It gave the match a feeling that I would describe as part sport, part dance and part theater.


Structural Geometry

In between periods of the hockey game I was covering, I found myself staring at the geometry of the roof supports.  Oh, the things I find interesting!

Interlude With A Squirrel

After a busy batch of posts related to Black Friday and state parks, I’m slowing it down a bit with a some backyard squirrel action, because who doesn’t love squirrels?  Well, most of the time anyway.