Problems, Problems, Problems!

I recently took a three day trip to Portland, Oregon to pick up new camera gear and to spend a day photographing waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge. The flight out was uneventful. However, my choice of hotel was problem number one. I had booked a non-smoking room for two nights and was dismayed to find the room had been smoked in, then an attempt was made to hide the smell by using a fragrance that only made the smell worse. I noted that someone had covered the smoke detector with a plastic bag to prevent it from alerting anyone that they were smoking. I spent one miserable night before booking elsewhere for my second night. Before checking out, I took photos of all the negative issues in the room which I forwarded to the hotel chain owners, they were kind enough to compensate me for my misery.

After renting a car, I headed to the camera store to collect my prepaid gear. Where I came to discover problem number two. The sales person that took my order had quit and moved away without informing me that not all my lenses had arrived. All they had was my new Fujifilm GFX 100s and a Loawa 17mm f4 lens. I was expecting to also pick up three Fuji GF lenses. This meant that day of photography would involve using the GFX 100s, the 17mm, a Sony RX-100 Mk5 and my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Next problem was I couldn’t get the shutter to work on the GFX and after calling the camera store, I was told to change a setting on the camera so that it would shoot without a lens. I went merrily along snapping photos of the waterfalls using all three cameras. It was after arriving home that I discovered the next problem. I had not taken the time to check the image quality setting on the camera. All the images I took with the GFX were low quality Jpegs. Arrrgh!

Just one last problem to put up with…my connecting flight from Denver to Minneapolis was delayed an hour and forty minutes. I arrived around nine PM and still had to drive two hours back to Duluth so I could be up at five AM.

As of today, Saturday 11/27, one of the missing lenses has been sent to me. I now have the GF 30mm 3.5.

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