Afton State Park

My next stop as I worked my way north was Afton State Park, which is one of several state parks on the St. Croix River and along with Frontenac, one of the parks I had never been to.  Afton takes the prize for number of visitors on “Black Friday”.  The visitor center lot was mostly full and the lower lot was also busy.  By now the sun had come out and many people were enjoying the trails in the park, many even many the excursion to the river, which is a long hike.  One group was huddled around a fire having a picnic.  Afton State Park is located next to Afton Alps ski area.  Not only was snowmaking in progress, there was enough snow for the area to be open and skiers were on the slopes.  I did not spend much time at this park, partly because of the crowds and partly because I still planned to visit two more parks.  The park is a bit too urban for my taste and I can’t imagine camping there.  The high tension power line was not an attractive feature either.


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