The Solution



The other day as I was standing at a bus stop, a bus with a full wrap advertisement stopped across the street from me.  It was an ad for Pepsi Cola.  In large letters it stated, “LIVE FOR NOW”.  As the bus drove away, I couldn’t help think that Pepsi was on to something.  We live in a world filled with many problems, many of which will be with us for the short term and also for the long term.  Many of these problems have been created by or made worse by the corporations that run such ads.  The media has been shirking its duty to properly inform the people of what is truly happening all around us by dividing information into little sound bites that tell us little or nothing.  If one doesn’t dig deep for the facts, all we will know is what glitters brightest on our screens, magazines and billboards.

But there it was, the solution to the whole mess…LIVE FOR NOW!  Why worry about tomorrow?  Who cares what the world will look like in a few years, how toxic the environment will be, how our farms won’t be able to grown quality food in poisoned soil, or whether we have healthy air to breathe…LIVE FOR NOW!

But how about our children?  What will they think as that bus rolls by and they are lacking the air, food and green spaces we have now?  Will they want to live for that “today” as it exists for them?  If they have accurate information about the past, will they come to those of us who are enjoying the ability to…LIVE FOR NOW! and ask us WTF were we thinking?  Did we have no idea that what we were doing was making life unbearable for the future they would live in?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of living fully each and every moment, but for me that means that  what I do in the moment will make things better for tomorrow, not worse.  Living in the moment is also important because one never knows when the last moment will come which is all the more reason to insure that each moment is filled with a life lived well and with forethought for those who will follow in the next moment.  Businesses like Pepsico, Coca-cola and many others each have a lot of negative press to contend with for their social and environmental issues, so when one of them suggests that we live for today, I can’t help wondering what would happen if they ran their corporations with that philosophy?  LIVE FOR NOW!  We are rich now, no need to worry about the damage being done today, no need to care about tomorrow.


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