Superior Hiking Trail

Just above my home in Duluth is an access point for the Superior Hiking Trail.  Hikers can go either east or west along the trail from the parking lot that was added when Haines Road was rebuilt after it was washed out a few years ago in the heavy rains.  They even added a pedestrian tunnel under Haines Road for the safety of hikers and snowmobilers.  Sadly, there have been some incidents of vandalism at this parking lot, it’s a shame that there are people that will take advantage of those who want to take time to enjoy the outdoors.  This is one of several places hikers can access the trail in Duluth as the trail winds its way across the hills above Duluth, then down to the lake walk before heading back uphill again and continuing up the shore of Lake Superior to the Canadian border.
On this part of the trail, once you make the climb up the rocky pathway, you will be rewarded with views of Lake Superior, the harbor and the St. Louis River.  Across the river is Superior, WIs.  The COGGs bike trail also crisscrosses the hiking trail here, so beware of riders on mountain bikes coming out of nowhere.  Everything is well marked so there should be no confusion as to which trail you should be on.  I was amused by the sign for the rest spot for bike riders, I never thought a kissing booth would be thought of as most difficult.


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