Islands of Peace, Part One

Islands of Peace
200 Charles Street NE, Fridley, MN
“Where Peace Is A Way of Life Every Hour of Every Day for All Those Willing to Share the Experience” — Edward T. Wilmes, founder, 1971

The other day I got the bug to find and explore a park I have never been to.  I opened Google maps and scanned the area near where I am staying to see what was nearby and chose Islands of Peace Park which was about ten minutes away.  Being this late in the year, the ground was covered with leaves from the now mostly bare trees, most of the color was also gone from what leaves remained.  There was a stiff south breeze trying its best to push the Mississippi River back north and the sun felt good as it filtered its way through the tree branches.  There were only a few other individuals using the park this day, but it did provide a nice place for a young couple to stroll hand in hand, a bicyclist who stopped for a break on the bank of the river and a couple of dog walkers.  I was the only one wandering slowly through the park with a camera, alert to new visions.

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