Maggie Daley Park

Today’s adventure:
Maggie Daley Park
337 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601

After a fantastic Saturday afternoon at the library, we returned to downtown Chicago on Sunday to visit Maggie Daley Park.  For more information about the park, visit here.  The last time I wandered around downtown Chicago, I did not know about this park and probably wouldn’t have stopped there anyway, as I had no children with me.  But, with grandchildren in tow, off we went again via the Metra to downtown and then the long walk to the park.  Our route took us past the Millennium Gate, also known as the “big bean”, a sculpture that always draws a big crowd.  Once past the gate, we took the BP Bridge over the traffic to the play park.  For those who have not been to Chicago, the parks along the lake are all worth a visit. There are wonderful scenic views of Lake Michigan, the Chicago skyline and sculptured architecture everywhere. Bring your camera!
Upon arriving at the park, the kids went crazy, this is one of the most amazing play parks I have ever seen.  There are soft rubber trails, areas that are age specific and wonderfully creative play spaces.  There’s everything from slides to an enchanted forest.  There are water features, towers, boats, bridges and picnic tables.  All this is sandwiched between views of the lake and downtown.  Pick a nice day, bundle up the kids or grandkids, and go experience this wonderful play area in downtown Chicago.


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