Things In An Apple Orchard

I recently visited the Dumas Apple Orchard which is run by my aunt and uncle and located along old U.S. 12, just west of Long Lake, Minnesota.  The trip for me is not just about the apples, it’s also about wandering around the orchard with my camera.  My uncle, besides running the orchard, is one of those rare people who does some amazing tinkering.  For an idea of what I mean, take a look at this video.  For a brief tour of the orchard, there’s this video.  Apple season is nearly over and it was a good year for the orchard, so if you happen to be near the area, I hope you will stop in, say HI! and pick up some apples.


2 thoughts on “Things In An Apple Orchard

    • It’s more of a graveyard, they’ve been there for awhile. Knowing my uncle, he probably was going to repair them and sell them. Or, they are all the bikes his kids have had over the years, I’ll have to ask next time I’m out there.


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