Shopping For Visions

Besides the time spent at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge yesterday, I also stopped at the Mall of America.  I didn’t go there to shop, but to see the changes I’ve heard about since the last time I was there.  It still amazes me that this monument to consumerism succeeded to the degree it has.  I lived in Bloomington, the city in which the mall is located, while it was being built and had considered moving for fear of the city being left with the tab for its sure failure.  OK, called that one wrong.  Not only has it not failed, it has been steadily improved and expanded over the years.  It now has hotels surrounding and attached to it.  It is undergoing a large expansion and will be even larger than I ever imagined it would be.  But, besides investigating the changes, I also wanted to use the visit to “see” the mall differently.  The only camera I had while inside the mall was my iPhone 5S.  I was concerned that wandering around with a big DSLR looking for nooks and crannies might be cause for a visit from mall security, as happened to me in the IDS tower in downtown Minneapolis.  And I also found that after awhile, the noise, the background vibration, got to be irritating, so my visit was short.  However, I was able to “see” a few interesting sights…


3 thoughts on “Shopping For Visions

  1. A very nice series of architectural studies. I really like the Long Gallery for its symmetrical feeling and Skylight Abstract for its lines and colors. Because of the contrasts I’m wondering how Skylight Abstract would look in b&w. I know that seems to be a contradiction considering I like the blue color.


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