Anticipating the Windy City

For the moment, all I can think about is which school I need to be at next.  High school sports are in full swing and I’m driving all over the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, often shooting several games an evening.  In the spring it was track, softball, baseball and lacrosse.  This fall it’s volleyball, soccer and football.  Due to road construction, I need to allow extra time to get anywhere in the city these days.  At least by the time I am returning from a shoot, traffic has thinned out.  In between shoots and uploads, my mind is thinking about next month’s trip to Chicago.  I’ve been going back through my images from previous trips looking for places to revisit, which then reminds me of places not visited.  It has also reminded me that most of those images are of inanimate objects, that very few have people in them.  Street photography is a challenge I have yet to overcome, but I can’t think of a more interesting place to work on that challenge.  But, I’m sure I will also continue to seek out the abstract of the cityscape as I have in the past.  It’s hard to not be attracted to the colors, the massive sheets of glass and variety of architecture.  Of course, sometime in late October, this blog will highlight my discoveries.  Till then…



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