Things On The Beach, Pt. 2: A Closer Examination

My time at home in Duluth is drawing to a close and I took time to walk the beach on Park Point on a pleasant, late August day.  The last time I was walking on a beach, it was on Stockton Island which is part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  On that walk, my focus was the large driftwood pieces lining the shore.  On this walk I chose to take a closer look at the smaller things that wash ashore.  Lining the beach is a combination of human-made, human-altered and natural debris.  It’s hard to know how much of the human debris ends up on the beach intentionally and how much is inadvertent, but it wouldn’t be hard to fill a trash bag on every walk with little bits of mostly plastic trash.  It also highlights the growing problem of plastic microbeads in the Great lakes, more on that here.  I realize that when we go for a walk, we want to be able to enjoy the time and the environment as we are walking and would rather not be distracted by trash along the way, so perhaps carrying a small trash bag and making a point of picking up a bit of human-made trash would go a long way in making future walks a bit more pleasant.


3 thoughts on “Things On The Beach, Pt. 2: A Closer Examination

  1. Heartbreaking & beautiful.
    I’m imagining a walk a day, gathering up plastic & human-generated debris, & taking a photo a day per pile gathered. Sort of a
    “Photo-diary of trash”, if-you-will.
    I hope it was a nice time home, however brief.

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