St. Paul Farmer’s Market

There was a time when going to the farmer’s market did not involve a trip across a metropolitan area to get your veggies.  But as more people choose to live in downtown areas, the markets are choosing to come to them.  And this is a good thing, it gives city dwellers an opportunity to find fresh produce that is coming directly from local farms.  The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are blessed with many such markets, both in the downtown areas and in many of the neighborhoods.  Recently, before heading home to Duluth, I took a trip to the St. Paul market.  My route was very different from what our grandparents would have taken.  Like them, I arose early, but then drove to University and Dale avenues in St. Paul, parked my car and caught the Green Line light rail for the rest of the journey.  The Green Line stops one block from the market and you can download a free pass if going to the market.  The reason I chose Dale Ave. was because I knew I would be going to Dragon Star Oriental Market afterwards for a few other items. (the local oriental markets are a post for later)  If your city has farmer’s markets, I hope you take advantage of them.  Farm to table is some of the best eating you can discover and the prices are very reasonable.


One thought on “St. Paul Farmer’s Market

  1. Great post David 🙂 We have a lot of farm stands and farmers markets on Long Island but what I was very surprised at was all of the farmers markets when visiting Manhattan (just like you mention). I think its great that city dwellers are taking advantage of these markets. By the way Man thats a lot of taters 🙂

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