Small Town Baseball

Although most of the attention baseball gets is for the major leagues, there is something special about attending a game in a small town.  The atmosphere is more relaxed, the concessions cheaper and the bathrooms less crowded.
A few weeks ago, my nephew’s American Legion team from New Ulm was in the playoffs. The games took place in Chanhassen and Chaska Minnesota, two smaller communities on the outskirts of Minneapolis.  The Chanhassen site was much newer, whereas the Chaska site has been there for many more years, has suffered through record breaking floods, as it sits next to the Minnesota River, and has small town written all over it.  Unlike a major league stadium, there are more opportunities for bored kids to entertain themselves, neighbors to gossip, to observe hawks and herons flying by, to watch the sparrows nesting in the speakers, occasionally coming down to snap up bits of fallen food. It was easy to feel close to the action, now matter what form it took.
In the end, New Ulm lost twice to Eden Prairie and was edged out of advancing to the next round, but for family and friends, it was still a great way to share several summer days, being together, watching baseball.


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