Back To The Garden

During the Memorial Day weekend, the highway was jammed with travelers leaving their homes in the city and driving north for the holiday, however I left the city to drive north to my home.  In most circumstances, I can revel in the fact that when the weekend ends, I get to stay and they have to leave.  These days I am right in with them as they head back to the city, heads filled with memories of time spent in the beautiful northland of Minnesota.
Now that the high school sports season is over, I no longer am doing sports photography, and while home, I took time to explore the flowers that were in full bloom.  There were tulips, violas and pansies.  The lilacs were not quite ready, but the ever present dandelions were everywhere.  I expect that when I return next weekend, even more plants will be evident, perhaps the lilacs will have bloomed and it will be safe to begin planting the veggies.  i get to move between one home where I am doing more ripping out than planting and another where I get to create space for things to grow.  In the end though, the ripping will lead to more open space for wanted things to grow.


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