Abstract Sculpture Meets Abstract Photography

My latest guest post on Monochromia…


Steel Against Sky Steel Against Sky

There is a large sculpture in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden that for most people is viewed as a whole construct.  However, I chose to go under the center of the sculpture and view it looking straight up against the sky where all the components meet.

Canon 7D, Tamron 10-24mm, ISO 100, 10mm, f11, 1/60 sec. 3 exposures, 1 1/2 stops each way.

The color version can be seen at – Northern Visions Media.

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Ordinary Things

Seeing beyond seeing, it’s my mantra, it’s how my vision is tuned to work as I move through the day.  It is not only about seeing, but also thinking outside the box, being open to discovery.  In this case, something as ordinary as car wash becomes an opportunity for a new vision of abstractions.  The combination of water, soap and whirling, slapping brushes creates constantly changing patterns on the windshield waiting to be photographed.  All photos were taken with an iPhone 5S, editing was done directly in the iOS Photo app or with the Faded app.