Circus, Amusement Park or Sports Stadium?

As the new Minnesota Vikings Football stadium rises on the site of the former HHH Metrodome, I found myself wanting to photograph the collection of geometric shapes created by the framework and construction cranes.  At the same time, I couldn’t help thinking of the over one billion dollars this place is costing, $498 million of it being public money.  The Metrodome was just fine, perhaps a bit noisy when the crowd went wild, but otherwise quite serviceable.  Now the owners and the city are spending this incredible sum of money for a new stadium at a time when $498 million could be put to much better use in the community and state.  Perhaps if it were possible to reconsider the non-profit status of the NFL, that $498 million could have come from taxes collected from the league rather than the tax payers of Minnesota.
In post production, I purposely pushed the HDR colors of these images as a form of commentary…suggesting that this is a circus, and amusement park and a stadium, all rolled into one.




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