Old Hands and Nimble Minds

Nimble Hands

Nimble Hands

While my father recovers from his hospital stay and partakes in physical therapy, I am spending some quality time with my 92 year old mother.  Scrabble has always been a family favorite and my parents take their game play very seriously.  I have learned that their older age is not an advantage to the visitor.  Both are mentally sharp and wins are hard to come by.  A Scrabble game also serves to slow the world down a bit, allowing time for reflection and observation.  I have watched these hands change over the years.  And not just the hands, I’m noticing how time has affected the entire body.  But I find that I mustn’t think that this in any way means that age has taken a toll on their minds, because as soon as I fall into that trap, I will suddenly find myself on the losing end of the game.  But the lose is tempered by time well spent.


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