Tripping The Rift

Ice Date: 03.06.2015
This is the final log entry for the expedition to the frozen universe of Lake Superior’s ice for this year.  Conditions on the ice have become too unstable to continue the work of documenting the unique environment that exists between the liquid freshwater sea and the warming air above.  The rift that has developed and now divides the planes of the frozen world is becoming increasingly active as the winds shift.  New cracks are continually developing, and in the interests of safety, it is time to return to more solid surroundings.  This exploration has been immensely satisfying and the results often visually stunning.  But now it is time to turn attention to more terrestrial pursuits.  Such as spending time with my father as his health is failing.  There will be less time for photographic explorations for the time being, but there are priorities that need attending to.

Here are the last images from the voyage to the frozen cosmos, 2015.


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