The Frozen Cosmos

When we stare at the sky, whether with bare eyes, a telescope or even the Hubble Space Telescope, we are seeing the cosmos that surrounds us.  According to some beliefs, it is our birthplace, the source of what we are made of.  With an open mind, we can turn our gaze downward rather than upward and discover a different cosmos, a frozen cosmos.  This is a place where incredible forces hold sway, where thick, shifting atmosphere roils and churns, causing the very fabric of the seemingly solid surface to shift, crack, heave and at times, explode, allowing the viscous atmosphere below to flow forth over the frozen world above.  At these frigid temperatures, the fluids and the air collide and create new worlds, new intersections of water and ice.  The movements creating a cacophony of moans, groans, snapping, popping and grinding as water and ice move in a restless dance of adjustment to the forces of wind and cold.
And when we turn our gaze to the frozen cosmos below our feet, as we venture out upon the relatively thin meeting point of cold water and cold air, we can stare into a terrestrial cosmos, one that is no less impressive than the one above our heads, filled with stars.



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