Flowers to Eagles – My Day With a Camera

This past Saturday found me beginning my day in a suburb of Minneapolis paying a visit to my parents.  As I was making a cup of coffee, I was attracted a large amaryllis sitting on the counter.  Hmmm, coffee’s not ready, camera is nearby, might as well pop off a few shots.  That done, breakfast done, time to head out into the big city.  Sitting in my car waiting for it to warm up a bit, couldn’t help noticing the frost on the window…
Plan for the day, drive to St. Paul and wander around with my camera and shoot some urban landscapes.  Apparently there was a major sporting event taking place at the Excel Center, so parking was a challenge.  Finally got a parking space, bundled myself up against the cold wind and took off down the street, eyes open, looking for whatever may catch my attention.  St. Paul is a river city, as such it has several bridges, which are always fun to photograph.  Another favorite subject of mine is reflections, discovered a few of those, great!  My final shot, as I was once again sitting in my car waiting for it to warm up, was of a statue of Charley Brown, sitting on the grass, staring into the distance.  For those who may not know, the cartoonist Charles Schultz called St. Paul home and his Peanuts characters are immortalized throughout the area and I passed several as I wandered the streets of the city.  But this particular statue appealed to me more than the others.  There is something about the idea of sitting in a park, perhaps daydreaming, or watching the flow of humanity, that resonates with me.
When I left Duluth on Friday morning, I chose to take a two-lane scenic route rather than the freeway for part of the trip south.  Along this highway I passed a bald eagle on the side of the road enjoying a breakfast of, well, you know, something on the side of the road.  I stopped with the hope I might get a picture of the eagle, but it flew off and disappeared into the nearby trees.  I made note of the spot with intentions of returning the same way heading home.  Sure enough, not only was the eagle there again, there were two this time.  I pulled over and this time waited after they flew away.  One had disappeared and did not return, but the other perched in a tree that was close enough for my shorter telephoto lens to get a few shots.  The included is the best of the lot.  It was an amazing few moments as we stared at each other.


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