Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Today I took a break from all the running around and doing paperwork that is part of caring for an ailing parent and headed out to spend time with my camera.  It was a form of much needed therapy.  One of my stops was the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden near downtown and by the Walker Art Museum.  I took a bit of time to wander around Loring Park before crossing the pedestrian overpass to the garden, site of the famous cherry and spoon sculpture.  As I wandered, I passed under a large steel construct and discovered the red steel against the blue sky.

Red & Blue

Red & Blue


One For The Birds

While staying at my parents home and sorting out all those things one needs to sort out with older adults, my sister came to visit from Florida to assist with the details.  Since she is a bird lover, she replenished the supply of bird food that had run out.  As the birds began to show up at the buffet, I was able to capture a few photos of a pair of black capped chickadees as they enjoyed the feast.  Sadly, I missed the  male cardinal.

Circus, Amusement Park or Sports Stadium?

As the new Minnesota Vikings Football stadium rises on the site of the former HHH Metrodome, I found myself wanting to photograph the collection of geometric shapes created by the framework and construction cranes.  At the same time, I couldn’t help thinking of the over one billion dollars this place is costing, $498 million of it being public money.  The Metrodome was just fine, perhaps a bit noisy when the crowd went wild, but otherwise quite serviceable.  Now the owners and the city are spending this incredible sum of money for a new stadium at a time when $498 million could be put to much better use in the community and state.  Perhaps if it were possible to reconsider the non-profit status of the NFL, that $498 million could have come from taxes collected from the league rather than the tax payers of Minnesota.
In post production, I purposely pushed the HDR colors of these images as a form of commentary…suggesting that this is a circus, and amusement park and a stadium, all rolled into one.



Old Hands and Nimble Minds

Nimble Hands

Nimble Hands

While my father recovers from his hospital stay and partakes in physical therapy, I am spending some quality time with my 92 year old mother.  Scrabble has always been a family favorite and my parents take their game play very seriously.  I have learned that their older age is not an advantage to the visitor.  Both are mentally sharp and wins are hard to come by.  A Scrabble game also serves to slow the world down a bit, allowing time for reflection and observation.  I have watched these hands change over the years.  And not just the hands, I’m noticing how time has affected the entire body.  But I find that I mustn’t think that this in any way means that age has taken a toll on their minds, because as soon as I fall into that trap, I will suddenly find myself on the losing end of the game.  But the lose is tempered by time well spent.

Tripping The Rift

Ice Date: 03.06.2015
This is the final log entry for the expedition to the frozen universe of Lake Superior’s ice for this year.  Conditions on the ice have become too unstable to continue the work of documenting the unique environment that exists between the liquid freshwater sea and the warming air above.  The rift that has developed and now divides the planes of the frozen world is becoming increasingly active as the winds shift.  New cracks are continually developing, and in the interests of safety, it is time to return to more solid surroundings.  This exploration has been immensely satisfying and the results often visually stunning.  But now it is time to turn attention to more terrestrial pursuits.  Such as spending time with my father as his health is failing.  There will be less time for photographic explorations for the time being, but there are priorities that need attending to.

Here are the last images from the voyage to the frozen cosmos, 2015.