Treasures In The Attic

As photographers, we have all had our encounters with serendipity.  It may be a happy accident in the capturing of an unexpected image, or discovery in post production of something not seen in the field, but it usually is a surprise. Earlier today I went to the attic to help my wife look for a couple of things that were being stored for her daughter and needed to be sent to her in California.  Our attic is an unfinished space, at least for now, (it will eventually be my studio), it’s below zero outside, so it’s very cold up there right now.  As I passed one of the windows, I noticed frost patterns covering the glass.  I stood there for a few moments mesmerized by the beauty and variety of the intricate patterns, then pulled myself away so I could fetch my camera and tripod.
Using the excuse that I have so much to do to prepare for my upcoming exhibit, I have avoided going out in our frigid weather to do any photography.  Who would guess that there was an incredible treasure trove of photos to be found hiding in my attic?
All images are were shot with a Canon 7D, Tamron 60mm macro, ISO 100, using Aperture Priority and three shot brackets, one stop in each direction.  Post production was done with as light a touch as possible in PhotoMatix Pro, then a bit more tweaking in Lightroom prior to exporting. Support was provided by a Monfrotto tripod with a compact ball head.



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