Icy Lake Superior Update

On December 21st, I wrote a post called “The Ice Time Cometh,” now in mid-February, I have an update on what is happening to the “Big Lake”.  Unlike last year, there aren’t the big  ice caves that formed due to wave action, just some smaller cutouts.  It appears that the lake froze before wave action could sculpt the piles of ice that are formed when high winds create massive piles of chunked ice, sand and snow.  As of a few days ago, Lake Superior was about sixty percent covered by ice.  When you look from the hills above Duluth, all you can see as you look up the lake is ice.  The ice fishermen are taking advantage of the situation, small villages of shelters are popping up everyday just offshore near Duluth.  I always enjoy the ice when it appears, it provides some incredible photo opportunities as it breaks up, piles up, moves around and catches sunlight.
If you can, I highly recommend a visit to Lake Superior in the winter, it’s a completely different environment than what you will see in warmer weather.  In fact, it can be like visiting an alien world without having to leave the planet.


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