Playing With Light

Once again, while doing something else, something caught my attention and I needed to investigate. I noticed that the sunlight was having fun with a colored glass object.  Of course I couldn’t resist, I had to join the fun.  I grabbed a piece of mat board and camera, this time choosing my iPhone 5s, and tried to figure out a composition that worked.  I finally settled on this one, which reminded me of a still life portrait.

Still Life

Still Life

iPhone 5s, ISO 32, 4.15mm, f2.2, 1/2,933sec.
As always, moving through the world with eyes wide open.


Everything Is Frozen

As many know, much of the U.S is in the grips of some very nasty weather, including extremely cold temperatures.  It seems as though the world is freezing solid.  Even when looking down from lofty heights, the world looks cold and forsaken, as though the clouds are merely wisps of ice floating through the heavens.

Wispy Illusions

Wispy Illusions

Is the cold confusing the senses? Is the world truly frozen?  Or, if we look closer, will we discover that it is the water world that is frozen, and the clouds are wisps of snow blowing across the ice.

Treasures In The Attic

As photographers, we have all had our encounters with serendipity.  It may be a happy accident in the capturing of an unexpected image, or discovery in post production of something not seen in the field, but it usually is a surprise. Earlier today I went to the attic to help my wife look for a couple of things that were being stored for her daughter and needed to be sent to her in California.  Our attic is an unfinished space, at least for now, (it will eventually be my studio), it’s below zero outside, so it’s very cold up there right now.  As I passed one of the windows, I noticed frost patterns covering the glass.  I stood there for a few moments mesmerized by the beauty and variety of the intricate patterns, then pulled myself away so I could fetch my camera and tripod.
Using the excuse that I have so much to do to prepare for my upcoming exhibit, I have avoided going out in our frigid weather to do any photography.  Who would guess that there was an incredible treasure trove of photos to be found hiding in my attic?
All images are were shot with a Canon 7D, Tamron 60mm macro, ISO 100, using Aperture Priority and three shot brackets, one stop in each direction.  Post production was done with as light a touch as possible in PhotoMatix Pro, then a bit more tweaking in Lightroom prior to exporting. Support was provided by a Monfrotto tripod with a compact ball head.


Icy Lake Superior Update

On December 21st, I wrote a post called “The Ice Time Cometh,” now in mid-February, I have an update on what is happening to the “Big Lake”.  Unlike last year, there aren’t the big  ice caves that formed due to wave action, just some smaller cutouts.  It appears that the lake froze before wave action could sculpt the piles of ice that are formed when high winds create massive piles of chunked ice, sand and snow.  As of a few days ago, Lake Superior was about sixty percent covered by ice.  When you look from the hills above Duluth, all you can see as you look up the lake is ice.  The ice fishermen are taking advantage of the situation, small villages of shelters are popping up everyday just offshore near Duluth.  I always enjoy the ice when it appears, it provides some incredible photo opportunities as it breaks up, piles up, moves around and catches sunlight.
If you can, I highly recommend a visit to Lake Superior in the winter, it’s a completely different environment than what you will see in warmer weather.  In fact, it can be like visiting an alien world without having to leave the planet.

A Birthday Wish…



Today I wish to take time to recognize the birthday of an amazing woman.  She is creative, caring, warm and works to make the world a better place as she moves through it.  She has the gift of words, which you can discover by visiting her blog, Soul Food & Roses.  Her light shines in my world and encourages me to shine even brighter.

Happy Birthday, Mary!  May it be a year filled with love, light and abundance…shine on!

With love from your husband,


Getting Ready

On February 26th I will join several other artists at Clyde Iron in Duluth, to exhibit, and hopefully sell, our art. A portion of the proceeds from sales will benefit the supporting organization, Duluth Soup. My last exhibit suddenly seems simple compared to this event as I only had to prepare eleven framed pieces, but this time I’m presenting six framed pieces, several dozen matted pieces, note card sets and also designing a display table.  Thank goodness I’ve had plenty of lead time to prepare.  Of course not all has been smooth sailing, my Epson large format printer decided it now will only print 8 1/2″ by 11″ sized prints, even though it is capable of prints up to seventeen inches wide.  Now I am in the process of outsourcing the printing of the last of my large prints.  And there have been some issues with the note cards, but I think that is resolved.  When all of this is done, I will be preparing a proposal for a gallery show in Superior, WI. later this year.  And I thought I was retired!

Last, but not least, I’ve come to realize that my coffee mug has taken on a life of its own and it wants to start living in the blogosphere.  So, coming soon: “The Perky Rooster.”