Journey To The Sun

It is my opinion that photography wears many hats.  It can be art that we make, a form of documentary, or a combination of both.  Whether we work with film or digital imaging, we have an amazing amount of control over what we create.  But that doesn’t always mean we get what we expect.  From the moment we begin to compose, to the moment we have decided that we have reached the finished product, much can happen to alter the outcome.  For me, being open to unexpected endings keeps things interesting, you know, the “happy accidents!”  I used to think they only happened with film photography, but they happen in digital photography also.  At the end of the process, each of us will make a determination of whether it is art, or something else.  Art is fun that way, every mind interprets what it sees differently and decides what works best for that individual.

And that my friends, is how I took a journey to the sun!



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