Inspiration and Perspiration

Earlier in the day I saw a couple of posts from a fellow blogger, Karen Glosser showing her recent abstract work.  Shortly after that, I came across a tutorial on the Light Stalking site showing how to create abstract work with camera movement.  As I headed out the door for a short XC ski, I grabbed my camera so I could give it a try.  There are also B&W versions, but I’m saving those for a future Monochromia post.


Into The Woods

I have always been fascinated by birch bark and how it peels off the trees.  It curls, strips, bends and splits in endless forms.

No Excuses

After a bit of a lapse, I finally got off my backside and headed out into the woods with my camera.  It felt good wandering through the trees, climbing around with eyes open and being tuned-in to my surroundings.  However, when I got home and loaded my images into my computer, I realized that I had made a serious error.  I had not checked my settings and did not notice that I was still shooting in jpeg mode, which I had set for an event I photographed.  I know that will be be able to salvage some good images from today’s shoot, but I frustrated by the fact that I have lost a fair amount of creative control by not having shot in RAW.  After all the years I’ve been doing this, I am not immune to mistakes.  But, I am much better about learning from my mistakes.

Birch Curls

Birch Curls