The Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

It seems that the most consistent thing in my life is change.  I know that is a bit of an cliche, but true nonetheless.  There are very few things, friends, relationships and homes in my life, that have been a part of my life for more than ten years.  But as I was making my coffee this morning, I realized that these machines represent a couple of things in my life that have not changed in a very long time.  I can’t say specifically when I purchased each them, but I know I had the espresso maker back in the early 1980s and I’m sure that the grinder is of similar vintage.  They are simple, uncomplicated devices, maybe that’s why they have lasted this long.  I’m impressed that both are still operating, although the coffee maker has a knob from an old washing machine for the steam control.  That simplicity is something I really appreciate, it serves as a reminder that much of the newer, high tech devices that seem to be built with the idea of planned obsolescence in mind aren’t what we need.  They are two trusty old friends who have weathered the many transitions in my life, they have been witness to the comings and goings of a lot of people, have served up many cups of delicious coffee and made many mornings so much better.  These two machines have blessed my life for a long time and for that I am extremely grateful.


2 thoughts on “The Dynamic Duo

  1. I love my coffee grinder. OK, maybe love is a bit over the top. But it HAS been with me longer than I’ve known my wife. So that has to count for something. I think I still have my espresso maker around somewhere but I use it so infrequently nowadays. It might be over a year since I’ve had espresso at home!


  2. Hello, David! Your speaking of friends, methods of making coffee and all reminded me that most of us in India use the Most trustworthy and tested and true one of simply pouring boiling water onto the powder in a tumbler and proceed from there! But I do miss my friends. We have all moved too far away due to time and circs. Regards.


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